Corporate Social Responsibility

We work hard to respect the environment, our employees and our communities.

Maximising fuel efficiency and minimising emissions

Dart Group PLC aims to operate at maximum fuel efficiency because it reduces harm to the environment and reduces our operating costs. Already, the entire Group's aircraft exceed the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s requirements for minimising air pollution.

At and indirectly through Jet2holidays, we aim to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions by 4% per annum.

  • reducing drag through focused aircraft maintenance
  • investing in flight planning technology so that our planes fly the most efficient routes
  • investing in winglets which improve aircraft performance, particularly at take-off

At Fowler Welch, we continue to increase our operational efficiencies and reduce our carbon emissions through several initiatives:

  • Reducing the overall number of miles travelled through our shared user consolidation platform
  • Operating the most fuel efficient vehicles – our fleet is 100% Euro 6 compliant
  • Collaborative innovations with customers such as developing bespoke trailers which is saving over 325,000 empty miles each year
  • Using industry leading on-board technology to monitor and report on driving styles; Our MPG has increased by over 12% in the last 5 years
  • Investing in state-of-the-art technology in our warehouses including energy efficient lighting and refrigeration systems
  • Partnering with charity FareShare, saving the equivalent of 125,000kg CO2 emissions each year by redistributing surplus food that would otherwise have gone to landfill
  • Re-treading and responsibly recycling the rubber from our tractor unit and trailer tyres is saving 630,000kg CO2 each year

These initiatives have so far achieved a reduction of carbon emissions of over 18%, saving over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Equal opportunities for all

We select, train, develop and promote our employees based on their ability and aptitude. The Group has a policy of treating job applicants and employees in the same way, regardless of their gender, race, ethnic origin or disability. We retain employees who become disabled during their employment whenever possible.

pdf & Jet2holidays Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

pdf & Jet2holidays Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

pdf Fowler Welch Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Involving employees

We keep our employees regularly informed about matters relating to their employment through information bulletins, circulars, pension newsletters and team briefings.

We provide our colleagues who have English as a second language with on-site lessons. The University of Lincoln runs and accredits the Language Tuition Scheme for us. In July 2007, we were awarded a Business in the Community Big Tick award for the scheme. Even better, it has improved our colleagues’ operational efficiency, integration and morale.

Working safely

We have consistently improved our safety statistics. The and Fowler Welch safety officers help line managers to operate safely. They advise on regulatory compliance and best practice for flight safety, driver training and occupational health and safety. They also maintain the operational quality systems. As a result, we have been able to provide a safer working environment for our employees and reduce our insurance premiums.

Supporting our communities

We provide prizes for local fund raising activities and sponsor local sports teams. We also support our staff in their own community work.