What’s Hot 2012 - Where Do We Want To Go?

January 13, 2012 at 12:21

For the first time ever, and Jet2Holidays have turned the spotlight on the key drivers for 2012 holiday choices to produce the What’s Hot 2012 Report. Drawing on our considerable travel knowledge and expertise, we’ve identified exciting new trends amongst our four million passengers across our 8 Northern base airports.  We’ve also surveyed over one thousand independent consumers, to provide a genuine insight into next year’s hot trends for travel!

We’ve looked at the Where, Why and Who with and How, to provide a picture of the travel landscape for 2012. Whether it’s planning around momentous events like the Olympics, or just a deep desire to escape from it all, people in the UK are still making travel plans to visit a host of great city and sun destinations despite the gloomy financial outlook.

We are serialising the full report here on the News page over the coming days.

Part One - we want to go?

  • Tried and trusted keeps trending

The relaxing beach break is set to stay with 29% of those surveyed saying it is still their preferred holiday.  The old favourite Spain, with guaranteed sun, great food and fabulous beaches, just keeps coming back – probably because so many people have grown up holidaying in this tried and trusted destination.  Despite its current economic woes, Spain and her islands still provide British people with the holidays they know and love, with 30% planning a trip there this year. Consumer data shows that the hot spots for summer 2012 are still Majorca, Alicante, Tenerife, Malaga and Ibiza.  Let’s face it you can’t beat the Iberian Peninsula for easy access to summer fun in the sun.

 “There’s nothing like those lovely little Spanish beach restaurants to bring back memories of summers gone by....and make you wish you could say farewell to the cold damp weather at home.”  Sally in Scotland, reminiscing over summers past.


  • Eastern Med getting ahead

Further afield hot leisure options such as Dalaman and Crete are seeing a peak in interest with 24% of people selecting these destinations as favourites.  Greece is popular again this year, with almost 20% of people choosing the ‘The Land of the Gods’ ‘land’ their beach towels. 

Concern about the stability of the Euro is expected to benefit Turkey in summer 2012, which can represent a great value family holiday thanks to the Turkish Lira.

Costa Brava

  • Hot inclusives

This summer we have seen the highest proportion of sales growth in Jet2holidays ‘all inclusive’ portfolio, accounting for 41% of sales.  This isn’t surprising given the current financial uncertainty, as an all inclusive break allows people to budget effectively and set the total cost for their getaway up front.  Families in particular are loving this option – almost 60% of the family holidays currently being booked are all inclusive packages.

Customers are responding well to added extras being included - Jet2holidays ‘Experience More’ holidays, for example, offer the chance to enjoy a waterpark or theme park included in the holiday package price.

 “The last thing I want to be worrying about on holiday is how much we’re spending on ice-creams, activities and extras for the kids... when we go all inclusive it’s all paid for beforehand and  just leaves us to get on with enjoying ourselves.” Aoife in Northern Ireland on choosing an all inclusive holiday

 Budapest by night

  • Cool city centres

The city break is still a popular choice for this year, with 18% of people planning a getaway to somewhere cool and sophisticated.  New York is still the UK’s dream spot for shopping and culture, with nearly 27% voting it their top destination.  And with 40% looking for a break where they can immerse themselves in vibrant culture and history, mainly to forget about the stresses at home,  it’s no wonder Istanbul, European capital of culture 2010, is high on people’s must see list.

Prague is the top city choice for and Jet2holidays customers: the Czech Republic’s capital city has it all: history, sights, great value shops and a vibrant restaurant, bar and club scene after dark.  Rome is the next favourite, closely followed by the beautiful cities of Budapest and Venice.

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Look out for Part Two – Why do we want to go there...