What’s Hot 2012 – The WHO and the HOW of travel

January 31, 2012 at 15:57

This is part three of the and Jet2holidays travel trends report. The report examines the key travel trends for 2012 based on customer data and independent consumer research.

What’s Hot 2012 – The WHO and the HOW of travel

This instalment looks at Who we are travelling with and How we are planning our trips:

WHO...are we going with?

  • Quality family bonding breaks

Multigenerational holidays are set to grow in popularity in 2012, as an increasing number of families are seeing the benefits of travelling with other family members, particularly grandparents.  We’ve found that at least a quarter of our holidaymakers are planning an extended family break next year.

And it’s not just for the cost saving benefits – for many these holidays provide the perfect opportunity to strengthen ties with grandparents, especially those who don’t get to see their grandchildren on a regular basis.  They also enable couples to spend quality time together on holiday, knowing their children are in the safest hands.

We are also seeing an increase in multigenerational trips for occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and special birthdays.  Parents tagging along on stag and hen getaways are also growing in popularity!

 “Eating and entertainment can really add up on holiday.In the current climate it makes sense to travel with the extended family so expense can be shared.”  Ashley in the North-East, on why he is planning an extended family holiday next year

Culture clubs

Single sex holidays will continue to dominate group bookings in 2012 and it's the women that are leading the charge, with 32% planning a girly getaway versus 12% of men going on a blokes only break.

But forget about shopping and partying.  Next year is all about exploring and culture for these groups, with 45% planning sightseeing trips to famous historic cities such as Berlin and Barcelona.   

The average group size is 12 people which is a long way off beating our biggest group trip to date of 98 people!

 “This year my mates and I want to take advantage of the range of great value flights available to an iconic historic city to soak up a bit of culture for a change.” Wendy in the North west on plans for her girls trip

HOW...Are we planning?

Continuing the trend from 2011, we are seeing people booking their family break as long as six months in advance to take advantage of early deals and low deposit offers.  Customer feedback shows that a significant driver in choosing to book with Jet2holidays is the attractive £60 per person deposit.

Our customer research shows that over 20% of Brits are still feeling pretty flush, as they prepare to book not one, but two fortnight breaks.  Good for them and great news the holiday industry.  For the most part though, the one annual two week holiday is still the most popular, with more than half of respondents saving up for one big indulgent break – so we’ll do our best to make it worth every penny.

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