Time flies, but only if you arrive on time!

May 24, 2006 at 00:00

We suggest that you get to the airport nice and early, hand in your bags, choose your seat (maybe with extra legroom?), relax, unwind and enjoy the travel experience - with no last minute panics, dramas and disappointments.

Unfortunately Mr X didn't arrive at the airport on time, missed his flight to Budapest and felt that were somehow responsible for his timekeeping and his delayed travel to the airport. has successfully defended a claim in Bradford County Court from Mr X. Not only did Mr X lose but he was ordered to reimburse’s representatives for their attendance expenses of nearly £300.

After hearing all the evidence, the District Judge ruled that Mr X and his family had simply not allowed enough time to complete the check-in process before the desk closed 40 minutes before the flight. Mr X and his family were travelling from Manchester to Budapest on a busy Sunday during the school holidays and the Judge explained that it should have been no surprise that airports can be particularly busy at these times.

We work hard to offer you the lowest possible fares and we love to see you turn up at the airport, check-in and enjoy your flight. But please make sure you arrive at the airport early, listen to the Judge and allow yourself plenty of time!