Surf's Up For Passengers at Leeds Bradford Airport

May 28, 2009 at 00:00

Friendly low fare airline,, today celebrated its inaugural flight to Newquay by giving passengers an ‘awesome’ check-in experience with surf lessons and lingo from a Yorkshire based surf pro.

The lessons, which were led by surf expert, Duncan Bray (27) from Headingley in Leeds, took place in the check-in hall and were designed to give passengers some basic surf moves to practice whilst on holiday in the UK’s surfing capital, Newquay.

Duncan also gave passengers an introduction to surfing talk with a few commonly used terms to get them through the summer.

  • Brah – term of endearment used between surfers, meaning ‘brother’
  • Walking the nose – walking forward to the front of the surf board
  • Wipe-out – when a surfer falls from their board
  • Awesome – surfing equivalent of cool
  • Gnarly – a word used to describe an intense wave
  • Snaking – obstructing a surfer who has right of way
  • Tube – wave which forms a barrel

The brand new route, which started this week, will depart Wednesday and Sunday until 28th June then Wednesday, Friday and Sunday until 6th September. Flights start at just £19.99 one way including taxes.

Philip Meeson, boss at said: “Newquay has always been a favourite UK destination and is now incredibly easy to get to for people in the north, with flights taking just 70 minutes, departing three times weekly during summer.

“The surf lessons and language added plenty of pre-holiday fun for the passengers and we hope they’ll try out their new skills once in Newquay. But if they don’t, there is plenty to do that doesn’t mean getting wet!