Paying the price for disruptive behaviour

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February 08, 2017 at 11:15

Our Onboard Together campaign has gathered further momentum recently, after we were compensated for losses incurred as a result of delays caused by two separate incidents of disruptive behaviour on board our aircraft.

Mr Clifford Nicholl and Mr Charles Thomson have both repaid us following incidents involving unacceptable and inappropriate conduct.

The Civil Courts ruling in our favour sends out a strong message that such disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and can end up leading to a very costly holiday. As well as having financial penalties imposed, Mr Thomson has now been banned from flying with us for life, and Mr Nicholl was refused his return flight back to East Midlands.

Our Onboard Together initiative commits us to a zero tolerance stance against disruptive passenger behaviour, including banning the sale of alcohol onboard all flights before 08:00BST. This has been well received by both crew and customers and we have called upon airports and retailers to adopt the same responsible approach.

Since launching, more than 600 disruptive passengers have been refused travel and 75 of these have been given lifetime bans.