Our Bespoke Branding Adds More Magic


Posted in Announcements

October 01, 2018 at 09:34

As well as making sure that customers get to see lots of our famous branding, our branding team also work with hotel partners to add an extra touch of excitement and fun around the hotel.

Take Pirates Village in Majorca for example, where our personalised Jet2holidays flags adorn the poolside, complete with aircraft-themed pirate hats!

The latest example of this bespoke branding can be seen at Magic Aqua Rock Gardens in Benidorm, where we have just fitted out our own desk so that it fits in with the safari theme throughout the hotel.

Where other operators in the hotel have a plain desk, we’ve spiced our area up with this fantastic new look so that customers can come chat to our Customer Helpers in a fabulous bespoke environment that matches the rest of the hotel.

Keep looking out for other examples across our destinations, as our Branding Team are always on the lookout for such opportunities!