Le Grand Fromage!

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June 27, 2014 at 13:53

An Homage to the Best of Both Yorkshire and France - in a Baguette!

As the people of Yorkshire go cycling crazy, has come up with a very cheesy way to mark the occasion. Partnering with local cheesemonger Cryer & Stott, the airline invited the Great British public to pick the ingredients for the ultimate “Grand Fromage” sandwich, matching their favourite French cheese with a truly Yorkshire accompaniment, with the winning sandwich being served to passengers on the Leeds Bradford flight to Paris today, thanks to Shaw & Lisle, nominated sandwich supplier of

For weeks the public has been voting via Facebook on whether French cheeses such as Brie, Roquefort and Camembert work best with Yorkshire accompaniments such as Rhubarb chutney, Yorkshire Ham and Pontefract Liquorice Pickle! The winning combination was announced today and can reveal that Comté and Yorkshire Ham has won the cheesy taste challenge!

Richard Holmes, the director of Cryer & Stott commented “France produces some of the most delicious cheese in the world so it makes sense to bring a bit of French flavour to Yorkshire at the time of this amazing sports event. We hope the passengers on the flight to Paris enjoyed the “Grand Fromage” sandwiches which bring the taste of France and Yorkshire together in one beautiful baguette.”