Jet2holidays welcomes review into false sickness claims

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March 22, 2017 at 10:10

There is welcome news in the campaign against the scourge of false holiday sickness claims today, as the regulatory body for solicitors in England and Wales, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, has announced that it is ordering a number of law firms to prove how they have sourced claims.

Citing concerns about misconduct, the regulator has contacted a number of companies to find out how they have sourced claims, how many claims have been settled, and what fees they received as a result.

The regulator has asked the firms for copies of all agreements and fee-sharing arrangements with Claims Management Companies (CMCs) too. Payment or receipt of referral fees has been banned for personal injury claims since 2013.

Jet2holidays applauds and supports this review. The number of sickness claims has increased significantly in recent times, and in our experience many of these are encouraged by ‘cowboy’ claims management firms and could therefore be fraudulent or exaggerated. We know of firms that deliberately target holidaymakers in resort with promises of lucrative payouts, irrespective of whether they have genuinely experienced sickness during their holiday, and irrespective of the cause of any illness.

In some instances, such unscrupulous practices have been highlighted in the media, proving the lengths that some CMCs will go to in order to target holidaymakers.

Making false sickness claims is fundamentally dishonest and is a criminal offence.  Worse still, it could ultimately end up affecting honest customers which is why it must be stamped out. This review is a welcome step in the right direction towards doing that.