Jet2holidays is sick of fraud... and so is the Government!


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April 13, 2018 at 08:43

In response to the closure of a legal loophole which has given rise to false sickness claims, Jet2holidays has issued the following statement.

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays said:

“British holidaymakers have every right to enjoy their well-deserved holidays without the risk of being duped into bringing fraudulent sickness claims by unscrupulous businesses. This is whyJet2holidays has campaigned on this issue and has been working hard to protect our customers against the risks of making false claims, even deploying private investigators to catch touts in resorts.

“We welcome the news that the Ministry of Justice has taken decisive action to close the current legal loophole by introducing the fixed costs regime ahead of the busy summer season, in response to the concerns and evidence provided by Jet2holidays. In some quarters Britain has been referred to as the ‘fake sick man of Europe’, and a cure for this sickness has now been found.

“We urge the Government to follow up this welcome news by banning the practice of cold calling in relation to sickness claims, as we know that some unscrupulous claims management companies are attempting to mislead customers through this dishonest activity.

“We have fought hard to ensure that European resorts continue to offer the best value all-inclusive packages for British travellers, and we are delighted to hear that the Government is on the side of holidaymakers too.”