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Jet2.com reveals “Jettoo – the ‘Pride’ of Yorkshire”

26th November 2010

A Jet2.com plane has been named, and decorated, in honour of the head of a pride of neglected lions which the airline and Yorkshire Wildlife Park helped rescue from Romania.  


Yesterday saw ‘Jettoo’ the plane unveiled, with a specially created cartoon picture of the feline hero on the plane’s nose.  Following the rescue back in February, the head of the Romanian pride, Johnny Junior, was named Jettoo Johnny in honour of the airline.  Nicknamed ‘Jettoo’ for short, Jet2.com has repaid the compliment by naming one of our 34 planes in return.


Yorkshire Wildlife Park, near Doncaster, and Jet2.com, embarked on the world's biggest ever lion rescue operation after learning of the plight of a pride of 13 lions at Romania’s Ordea Zoo.

Kept in miniscule concrete cells, weak and covered in sores, the pride was facing almost certain death, before big hearted bosses at Yorkshire Wildlife Park launched a successful £150,000 appeal to rescue them in conjunction with the News of the World newspaper.  Following Jet2.com’s special mission to fly them to the UK in February, the lions have been rehabilitated back to good health by veterinary experts and staff at their new 10 acre home, Lion Country - the only walk through lion enclosure in the country.


Jet2.com was welcomed Cheryl Williams and John Minion, directors of the Wildlife Park, to unveil the new name and logo.  They brought along a cuddly representative on behalf of Jettoo, while the real Jettoo Johnny roamed his domain at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park with his fellow rescued girls Carla, Frida, Julie and Crystal.


Cheryl Williams, director at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, added:


“The lions have settled well into their new home and are all thriving.  It’s lovely to be able to look at them happily playing and roaming now, knowing their sad history.  The rescue wouldn’t have been possible without Jet2.com and we are delighted that they decided to name one of the planes after Jettoo and that the lion has become an honorary mascot!  I’m sure the people of Yorkshire will love him just as much as we do!”


Philip Meeson, boss of Jet2.com, said:


“We are delighted with the pride’s progress, and were thrilled when one of the lions was named Jettoo.  To mark this momentous occasion we decided to launch our very own Jettoo the Friendly Lion!  Make sure you check the side of the aircraft when you board to see if you can catch a glimpse!”


From February 2011 cuddly soft-toy versions of Jettoo will be available to purchase onboard – some of the proceeds from the sale of the toys will go to support the Wildlife Park.


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