Archive Welcomes Onboard Children Made of 'Right Stuff'

June 08, 2009 at 00:00

12 youngsters from ‘Right Stuff Boxing Club’ in Staffordshire were treated by local businesses to an all expenses paid trip to Tenerife with for the good work they’ve done in their local community.

The boxing club the children are members of is a club with a difference. All children have to sign a contract when they join to say they'll take part in community projects like litter picking, gardening and shopping for the elderly.

Many of the young people have criminal records and have been involved in substance abuse in the past, but each one says by committing to the club and its rules, they're succeeding in turning their lives around.

Local shop keepers and business owners were so impressed with the improvements the young people have made to the town of Stone, that they paid eight thousand pounds to fund the trip.

Flying direct into Tenerife, was delighted to welcome the party and BBC camera crew onboard at Manchester Airport. They spent a week at the Total Knockout Boot camp in Tenerife, training where professional boxers have trained for the last ten years.

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