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February 16, 2017 at 13:30

Nine-year-old superfan Eva Lewis was given a fantastic surprise this week, receiving a VIP airport tour from the team.

Eva, from Guiseley in Leeds, sent a letter expressing her love for us and sharing her dream of one day working in aviation, as she enjoys watching our aircraft from her home near the airport.

So we arranged for Captain Tim Brook and Faye Brewer from the Cabin Crew team to arrive at Eva’s house to surprise her and make her wish come true for the day. She was whisked off to Leeds Bradford Airport where she got to experience life as a new recruit. Eva spent time in the operations control centre and air traffic control tower, and even manned a check in desk before being taken on a special tour of a aircraft.

Eva said: “Today has been amazing. I love and I’ve always wanted to work for them ever since I first flew with them. For Christmas I even got a plane radio so I can listen to the pilots. I would love a job with them now but my parents think I’m too young, so this trip has been amazing. I’m definitely going to try hard at school so one day I can be their newest recruit!"