Archive Crew Join the 3rd Otley Parish Brownies

November 23, 2007 at 00:00

During the evening, Little Owl made her brownie promise - the first time in Brownie History that a Little Owl has made her promise wearing a Lifejacket!

Karen Robinson, Jamie Leggett and Rachael Downie, Cabin Crew from Leeds Bradford, then became honorary sixers for the 3rd Otley Parish Brownies and joined in with the Brownie promise.

The Brownies names are: Olivia Stacey, Hannah Caldwell, Grace Bathurst, Megan Jones, Alex Guerreo, Elli Bartle, Ellen Wardman, Lauren Brown, Amie Staves, Kelly-Jo Dixon, Elleanor Clapham, Hollie Brady, Faye Davis, Esme Sudall, Ellie Caldwell, Charlotte Stacey, Jenny Damp, Neave Deeley Georgina Thompson, Georgina Aird, Ellen Dando and Maisy Hodnet.

Karen Robinson said “A great evening was had by all, the girls were great at helping with our service, and learning about the safety role of the cabin crew. The brownies were really good at the games, and loved winning the prizes.”

Rachael Downie also commented “What a fantastic night, The group were very welcoming and I can’t believe I am now a honorary Brownie, I hope to see them again, perhaps onboard a real aircraft one day.” would also like to thank the 3rd Otley Parish Brownies for their generous donation made to support the Children in Need Charity football match! Crew Join the 
3rd Otley Parish Brownies