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Jet2.com Creates 40 New Jobs At Leeds Bradford Airport

08th November 2010

Jet2.com has created 40 new jobs at Leeds Bradford Airport which bring the total number of people employed by Jet2.com and Jet2holidays at the airport to over 700. As part of Jet2.com's continued investment in and commitment to its Yorkshire base the new team members will handle customers' baggage both onto and off the aircraft.

40 new staff

Jet2.com will be in full control of its passengers' experience through Leeds Bradford Airport and able to provide an even swifter service speeding up customers time from being in their aircraft seat to being back home sipping a cuppa.  From this week Jet2.com will be handling all its customers' luggage with its own team and baggage equipment at Leeds Bradford Airport.

Jet2.com and Jet2holidays have a generous 22 kg baggage allowance so handling the customers' luggage is no mean feat.  By having its own team Jet2.com customers will never have to wait for a baggage team to finish working on another airline's aircraft and Jet2.com is able to take care of its customers' luggage.

Jet2.com already has its own check in area in the terminal staffed by a friendly Jet2.com team who assist customers to check in and help with any queries they may have, so this new team complement the service already provided and means that Jet2.com is in full control of its customers' experience.  The 40 new staff members will bring the total of Jet2.com's staff working to help customers at Leeds Bradford Airport terminal to 120.

Ian Doubtfire, managing director of Jet2.com, said:
"Handling the baggage ourselves will give us more control and enable us to better look after our passengers' bags so that we can provide an even swifter service.  When people have landed back from a trip or holiday they just want to get home – handling luggage ourselves means we can make this process even slicker for them."

Jet2.com's continued growth means that the company is also currently recruiting cabin crew and air crew members.

250 new cabin crew members and over 100 pilots are being sought to work at Jet2.com's eight UK bases on its 34 aircraft.

Find out more about Jet2.com and Jet2holidays exciting career opportunities.

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