Have a Memorable Holiday in Dubrovnik

August 12, 2011 at 10:11

Dubrovnik has now become a much-sought after holiday destination for avid travellers and A-list celebrities. Despite its growing status as a premium vacation spot, it is not out of reach for the average holidaymaker though.

Dubrovnik Girls

From the imposing walls of the Old City to the lavish waterfront hotels, this port city blends the historic and the modern effortlessly. The beauty and aura of Dubrovnik have seen the likes of Jay-Z, Tom Cruise and late Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor choose this charming Croatian destination over popular haunts like St. Tropez.

Everything in One City

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik is currently in the midst of its Summer Festival, which started on July 10th and will continue till August 25th. This year’s festival will feature live concerts, plays, dance and a number of other cultural programs at different locations within the city. Holidaymakers still have time to book their cheap flights to Dubrovnik and enjoy a great cultural experience.

The culinary delights of Dubrovnik are also quite popular. This is one of those tourist destinations where the local food immediately pampers your taste buds and you keep going back for more.

The fact that Dubrovnik manages to blend old-world charm with exclusivity and ‘modern chic’ makes it irresistible. Here, 15th century architectural masterpieces, watermills and folklore peacefully co-exist with Michelin-starred restaurants and cool nightspots. Cheap flights to Dubrovnik and some amazing accommodation options add to the equation, making the city a must-visit for any holiday-goer.