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Fowler Welch opens up in South West

21st June 2011

Fowler Welch has announced the opening of a new depot at Newton Abbot in Devon.

Nick Hay, Managing Director said:

“This is a very positive move for our business, and one that comes directly off the back of a highly successful programme for Tesco out of our Washington depot in Tyneside. The ability we have developed there, to service the smaller Tesco Express range of stores in urban locations, has seen us asked to extend that and deliver a similar service in the South West: Newton Abbot will be the centre of that operation.”

Newton Abbot will not be a ‘dedicated’ Tesco-only depot however. Nick Hay again:

“We already have a level of business in the South West that will make Newton Abbot busy from the start. Whilst Tesco will be the initial customer, the Newton Abbot staff will all be our own and the fleet based there will work across all local chilled and ambient business opportunities. We will be actively looking for new work in the area now, and the enhancement of our geographical coverage through the Newton Abbot site will help build those opportunities for us”

The depot will open on July 4th this year and Fowler Welch plans initially to base around 25 trucks and 35 trailers there full time. The initial team will number some 40 people with more vehicles and people anticipated as volumes grow.

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