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Fowler Welch In Continental Expansion

11th October 2011

Fowler Welch is expanding its Dutch operation relocating from its Maasland facility to a large new site at Poeldijk in the southern Westland region of the Netherlands.

Fowler Welch

Fowler Welch BV has chosen a prime location at the 'ABC Westlands' commercial hub in Poeldijk, near The Hague, situating itself directly alongside many of the main Dutch export companies. Increased capacity for docking, consolidating and a warehouse with 10,000 square metre capacity is now available at the new location, allowing for greater efficiencies for the Fowler Welch fleet operating between the UK and the European mainland.

The new location offers prime transport links to the UK, via ferry, and by road to the principal conurbations and manufacturing centres of Northern Europe, as Fowler Welch expands its operations across the continental mainland. In addition to its 'bread-and-butter' road and ferry-based services, Fowler Welch BV will also focus on its burgeoning airfreight business, with operations out of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Westland into London Heathrow. Fowler Welch's year-round operation in the new depot will deal with the wide range of both ambient and temperature controlled transport and consolidation. The latter including produce, salads, fruits, plants and flowers to all the major supermarket chains.

A daily Groupage service is also provided to the Channel Islands.'We're excited about the move to Poeldijk,' said Fowler Welch BV's General Manager in The Netherlands, Bas de Koning, 'I believe we can realise our full potential from this location. Poeldijk places us at the centre of one of the primary transport hubs on the European mainland.' He went on, 'The Netherlands gateway has always been an integral part of the Fowler Welch business model for some time, and this latest move is a clear indication of the company's commitment to business in the area and across Northern Europe. It will really boost our standing in the immediate and wider European markets, and will provide an even better service for our customers.'

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