Explore Corfu’s Inland in 2012

November 04, 2011 at 17:11

If you’re thinking of flying to Corfu for some summer sunshine in 2012 then be sure to explore the beautiful mainland as well as coastal resorts. Flooded with sights and natural wonders, Corfu’s inland is a small paradise on earth.

Corfu Beaches

Mount Pantokrator

Corfu’s highest mountain dominates the northern part of the island and is more than 1000 metres high. An ancient monastery caps the mountain and there’s a quaint little cafe offering breathtaking panoramic views of the island.

Palia Perithia

On your journey down from Mount Pantokrator, the charming 16th-century village of Palia Perithia is well worth a stop. Once upon a time this village was built as a refuge from pirates who often raided Greek towns close to the coast

Visit the Achilleion

A must-see place on your next visit to Corfu is the Achilleion Palace, a late 19th-century villa set in spectacular gardens. The building overlooks the harbour and houses impressive sculptures, famous artworks and fine antique furniture.

Corfu Golf Club

Greece isn’t particularly known for its golf, which is what makes Corfu Golf Club so special. It’s one of the best courses in Europe and attracts amateurs and professionals from all over the world. 

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