Bring extra euros with you for your trip to Greece

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June 29, 2015 at 15:24

If you are travelling to Greece, please be sure to bring some extra euros in cash to cover any emergencies and unforeseen spending. This is in line with advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

It is our understanding that limits on cash withdrawals at ATMs across Greece will only apply to Greek bank accounts. This means you will still be able to withdraw an amount up to your usual daily cash limit. However, please be aware there may be a cash shortage at ATMs which is why you should still make sure you have some extra euros in cash to take with you on your trip.

As you will be taking extra cash, please make sure you use hotel safety deposit boxes to keep your money safe and sound.

And please don’t worry as daily life is continuing as normal across the Greek Islands.

We hope you enjoy your holiday!