Birthday Boy Banned by Onboard Together

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January 15, 2016 at 14:11

A drunken passenger ruined the start of his own 30th birthday break to Amsterdam yesterday after he was offloaded from the Leeds Bradford flight due to his intoxicated and disruptive behaviour. Despite being warned at check-in, birthday boy Christopher Lane, was prevented from boarding at the gate. His friend, Arrun Gunby, then got offloaded from the aircraft, at the request of the Captain, and escorted through the terminal by police after he reportedly became threatening and abusive before departure. Both Christopher and Arrun have been given a 12 month ban.

Phil Ward, managing director of said: “This New Year we are committed more than ever to stamping out disruptive passenger behaviour on our flights to protect the safety and welfare of our crew and passengers. Ultimately Christopher has spoilt the start of a major birthday celebration for himself and his 10 friends who were travelling with him. Through our Onboard Together programme we want to educate passengers about the consequences of drinking too much alcohol when flying and we hope this ban will be a warning to themselves and other people.”