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Bespoke SDC trailer fleet for Fowler Welch

12th August 2011

August 2011- Fowler Welch is adding 30 new bespoke-specification SDC tri-axle curtain-side trailers to its UK trailer parc. An initial trailer is currently trialling out of the flagship Heywood distribution centre, equipped with a wide range of options to suit specific operational requirements.

Once trials are complete and final specification ‘tweaked’, the remaining trailers will be built to the same exacting specification and delivered to Fowler Welch at the end of September.

Trailer safety is a key concern for Fowler Welch, and these latest SDC trailers will be built to the industry’s optional EN12642XL standard on structural strength, thus significantly increasing stability and load-bearing capabilities.

Equipment includes Haldex’s Soft Docking system. To avoid damage to the rear of the trailer (while providing obvious safety advantages), brakes are automatically applied when reversing into a loading bay. The system can apply precise braking power to match load and vehicle speed, while also including audible and visual reversing aids.

Further specific features include rear close-pitch bearers to increase floor strength on rear loading operation, Labcraft MX3/2 led internal lights, easy-access coupling box fitted with brake pull valves, repositioned shunt valves, rear roof scoop fitted with Vortex Generators, and spray down flaps.

"We are very pleased to have SDC as our trailer partner," said Paul Allera, Fowler Welch National Fleet Manager, "SDC displayed more flexibility, greater innovation and an overall willingness to work with us. The result? A truly bespoke trailer that meets our precise operational requirements."

He added, "Furthermore, SDC gives us a real one-stop-shop service. A full trailer refurbishment service is provided, alongside a national parts supply that fits in conveniently with our own network of sites".

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