Amore Italia: Experience a different side of Italy this Summer

April 30, 2007 at 00:00


If you’ve experienced the vibrancy and chic of Milan and fancy something a little more laid back then check out Lake Garda. The largest of Northern Italy’s lakes, Lake Garda is lined with a long beach and wide sheltered bays where you can relax as the crystal waters lap the shore. Take a walk along the promenade and pop into one of the local bars, cafes or restaurants, this is a great way to chill out after the hustle and bustle of the city!

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The Italian Moto GP takes place in Florence in June and is one of the fastest, most thrilling sports in the world. The bikes reach speeds of up to 185mph and the races are extremely competitive. This popular motorcycling championship is well worth a visit with frequent overtaking, unlike Formula One. There is the feeling that the crowd is collectively holding its breath as the riders brake as late as possible into the corners!

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Rome is great for a city break, cram packed with sights and culture. However it also has the added advantage of a beach close by, which is perfect for cooling off after a day spent exploring this awesome city. The beach resort of Fregene is home to Gilda in the beach. Open from the 1st May, Gilda's beach facilities include two swimming pools, a bar, restaurant and pizzeria. After sunset there are DJs, live shows, plenty of chilled incense burning, massages and general New Age goings-on. The perfect way to unwind after a few days intensive sight-seeing!

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The Vogalonga is one of Venice's biggest event’s. This boat race covers 18 miles and see’s more than 50 Venetian rowing clubs taking part, as well as international clubs such as the Oxford and Cambridge rowing crews. Huge crowds see them off and await their return. If you're going to be there at the time, you couldn't miss Vogalonga even if you wanted to. You might even consider entering, but you'd better be fit - the competitors train for months beforehand!

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