A Family 'Air Fare' at

July 16, 2008 at 00:00

This week, we thought we’d make something of this family affair and invite photographers and the local press to feel the family vibe!

Sisters Jacqueline and Samantha Wroe, Kerry and June Strachan, Victoria and Leanne Hulton, and father and son Alan and Ian Cassells – work in a range of roles from cabin crew, duty manager and pilots.

Pilot Ian Cassells whose dad, Alan, is a Captain for, have flown together on several occasions.

Senior cabin crew member Leanne Hulton, works alongside her younger sister, Victoria, and is set to take the family connection one step further after meeting her fiancé at work in the airport. She commented: “It is great working with my sister as I get to see more of her and I think it has made our relationship stronger’.

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