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20 Million Reasons to Celebrate for Jet2.com

13th April 2010

They say three is the lucky number but for a couple from Manchester, that number is 20 million! This is because they were the 20 millionth customers to book cheap flights with Jet2.com and they were certainly made a fuss of at Manchester Airport on 13th April 2010.

Jet2.com laid out the VIP treatment for Keith Moffat and his wife, Julia as the pair prepared to board their flight. Champagne was offered and they were personally greeted by Jet2.com’s Managing Director, Ian Doubtfire.

To celebrate their lucky status the couple were also given free return flights to all of the 29 destinations now available from Manchester Airport; including Salzburg which has only just been added to the growing list.


“A Significant Step in the History of the Airline” 

The joyous celebrations come at a time when Jet2.com celebrate five years at Manchester Airport and expect to welcome their five millionth customer to the airport this year. It is predicted to be a busy year at Manchester Airport with two new planes and 200 flights per week likely to see over a million people fly with Jet2.com in 2010.

However, not all will get the same welcome as the Moffat’s did. Mr. Doubtfire said: “Welcoming our 20 millionth passenger on-board gives us a huge cause for celebration and really is a significant step in the history of the airline which launched only eight years ago.

“This year is also very important for us at Manchester and marks another milestone in our history. Ten brand new routes from Manchester, two new aircraft and a projected one million passengers this year are some fantastic stats and underline our growth and commitment to this airport. 2010 marks five years of operations from this base and I am confident that it is due to be one of our best ever.”


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